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Cruel-WoW is coming back to it's glorious spot once again! Prepare for the most hardcore PvP and PvE experience from the beloved Wrath of The Lich King expansion! Completely free to play with focus on a more balanced gameplay rather than paid gameplay!

The realm is currently under construction still and by this day the Site and Forums is available.
Stay tuned for more news!

Posted : March 26, 2018 By Gamer
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Realm Status

Campfire 3.3.5a - Online
Realm Features

✓ - DDoS Protection is Active and Available!
✓ - All Raids are Available!
✓ - Arenas are Scripted and is Available!
✓ - Most Battlegrounds are Working and Available!
✓ - Instant level 80 With Balanced Gear Set is Available!
✓ - Crossfaction Battleground is Available!

set realmlist logon.cruel-wow.net
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