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OMGhixD - Cruel Staff

Post : January 10, 2018

Hello! Now i'm a technical engineering gnome. don't worry! this is just a simple test. Similar to <?php echo "This is a test, Hi mom!"; ?> DON'T worry :D

Public Test Realm
OMGhixD - Cruel Staff

Post : January 05, 2018

We are wrapping things up to go into a possible PTR phase soon. This is not final but we wanted to share where we are at with full release.

We may open Campfire for everyone in a PTR stage to help us with testing our features, quests, and more! We plan to put as much stress on the server as possible to test the infrastructure of the server.
Welcome to the New and Improved Cruel WoW!
OMGhixD - Cruel Staff

Post : January 05, 2018

Cruel WoW has been offline for a few years and we are now returning! Same great atmosphere with a new and enhanced core. OMGhixD returns as the owner.

Campfire realm is currently unavailable. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, please feel free to utilize the website and forums. We are aiming for sometime in January 2018. Exact date will be announced in the near future.
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