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  2. PvP Cooldowns,Health,Mana and Energy now reset upon duel start and end. The required amount of players needed per team for a Battleground is now dynamically changed to match current online population. Classes Warlock Felhunter,Felguard and Succubus base damage is now corrected. Imp can no longer melee attack. Shaman Fire Elemental's base damage is now corrected. Death Knight Ghoul's base damage is now corrected. Mage Water Elemental can no longer melee attack. Items [Honor Commendation] honor gain is now decreased from 2000 to 185.
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  4. Flyboi

    The accused has been dealt with. Thank you for your report
  5. Flyboi

    Player Name: Undefect Rule violated: He's fly-hacking Proof:
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  7. New Currency & Gear & gameplay system

    He's correct. Those were in place however, after some time the most common complaint we got was population. Since we've changed to the free system, our population has risen to 50+ peak times where we were peaking at 20+ before. We've tossed around the idea of a gear rework since however, that would require wiping and that is something we want to avoid but that's the only solution we're coming to at this time so it's not something that is happening unless we receive a huge influx of player feedback that they would like a gear rework but it's not as simple as it sounds right now unfortunately.
  8. banned?

    That is utterly strange. i've checked possibly everything we can check regarding your account and i cannot see a reason to why it isn't working. Could you also check that the realmlist and such is properly setup? Keep me posted and i'll help you as much as i can !
  9. New Currency & Gear & gameplay system

    What you say here besides resilience part, was actually in game right before they gave us all items for free.
  10. Greetings guys, Dex here. I was thinking past few days about the currency system rework we need. And I firmly believe we do need it, because I don't see a point grinding endless Bg's, Arenas and World Bosses as such, without a good rewarding system. Current rewarding system is, quite honestly, a bit bad. A rework would also attract & keep bigger player base on our server and allow the population to flourish, imo. First thing we need is a gear rework. What I think by this is that we need to ditch Wrathful gear and go back to Relentless - thus making Wrathfuls harder to obtain. You should implement a certain currency that is farmed through either Arenas or Bg's, or both, that is needed to buy Wrathful gear. Also putting a certain MMR requirement would allow 1v1 and 2v2 arenas to finally start attracting people, as well as Bgs. Besides this, secondly, I firmly believe you should remove BiS PvE gear. Removing Heroic items only, such as 284 trinkets, T10 PvE Heroic sets etc., and make additional currency for those as well. Now, just as Wrathful's are farmed through PvP system, this gear should be farmed by doing dungeons & raids. It's all up to you on how to implement this system. I just don't think it makes any sense giving out all the free BiS gear and then wondering why are daily quest zones empty, etc. So basically, only remove Heroic end game PvE items, and force people to put in effort to get those. And finally, you guys seriously need to check Physical damage and how resilience impacts it. Especially Warriors and Rogues who hit like trucks. Not saying everything is perfect, but seriously, server is full of Warriors and Rogues, and they hit way too much. I'm 1,3k Resilience Lock with Soul Link and around 5,5k armor, and I regularly take shitloads of hits that are way over 5,5 and 6 thousand. Take a look into their Physical damage output please.
  11. banned?

    I will try tonight again yes; but I have tried logging in for the past week and ended up getting the same result.
  12. banned?

    Hello sir! i am not registering any banishment actions on your account nor your IP-Adresse. This may have been the Auto Ban feature and this only lasts for 10 minutes. Can you retry now?
  13. banned?

    I cant log into my account from any device so I know its not an IP ban; it says that my account is no longer active/in use whenever i try to log in anywhere?
  14. Banned for no rearson

    We apologize for the incidence. But don't worry. it's a safecheck system to prevent people from bruteforcing your account or others accounts. With this method we can assure that its as hard as overall possible to hack or gain access to someones account where they don't have the right or permission to access. Nonetheless, the ban is an IP-BAN and it only lasts for 10 minutes. After that it's automatically removed. However to improve the system, we will add more checks so that if you should get your password wrong even 4 times then you still won't get banned. The system overall is a Work In Progress kind of thing and we are still tuning for the best possible configurations. Again we do apologize for this and thank you for reaching out to us. Regards OMGhixD & Cruel-WoW Staff
  15. Banned for no rearson

    My account got banned for no reason. When i logged on forum my status is Banned: Failed to loging autoban. I typed my password 2 times wrong and this is what i get?
  16. 1 man army - Lord Marrowgar

    Very nice! =) Can't wait to see more.
  17. Beautifully executed. Well done! =)
  18. So i'm sure alot of you are aware that the only available WoW.exe for 3.3.5a is a 32 bits client. And thus the program only limits the Memory Limit to 2GB there is a way around to get a whopping 4GB Memory Limit instead. Download this program > Click To Download < How to use the program: Download and extract the program to the desired location Open the Exe named "Large Adress Aware.exe" 1. Click the 3 dots (...) 2. Go to your World of Warcraft Root Folder and select WoW.exe then click Open (It says Åpne on my screen) 3. Check the Checkbox and click Save, Now feel free to exit the program and enjoy your World of Warcraft Client with 4GB Memory Limit instead of 2GB (this is known to decrease or eliminate crashes with the game)
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  20. Vanity Items

    Could definitely be interesting to make non-pvp benefitial buffs last longer and or have unlimited charges. However some things are with charges so you'll have to go and buy more so we got a decent flow of Currency Spending.
  21. Vanity Items

    bump And btw I am only talking about items that don't affect pvp in any way. Like the pet enlarger item. I want a giant ass pug!
  22. Elixir

    Can we make the pet enlarger biscuits like that too then? My thread is still there
  23. 1 man army - Lord Marrowgar

    Damn! Well done. Lk next?
  24. Elixir

    I like the suggestion and agree, as this does not provide any benefits at all but is merely a vanity item. making it longer doesn't hurt.
  25. 1 man army - Lord Marrowgar

    Good job.
  26. Elixir

    Make noggenfogger elixir last forever or until we cancel it and not just 10min. Aswell as you changes poisons and other stuff.
  27. You can't just chill, and it's not easy when you don't know if you have the proper gear setup.
  28. PvP Added CC delay. Cooldown,HP,Mana and Energy now resets upon Duel start instead of end. [Hotfix available as of 04.12.2018 | Now Resets upon Duel Start & End] Spells Death Knight [Death Grip]'s pull height and speed was decreased. Now works as intended. Corrected Ghoul's damage. It now works as intended. [Raise Ally] is now fixed and functions as intended. Rogue Fixed an issue where [Backstab] would be dodgeable,parriable and blockable. Fixed [Glyph of Backstab]. [Overkill] and [Master of Subtlety] now activate their timers after stealth. [Stealth] & [Vanish] no longer breaks Shadow Dance. Druid [Abolish Poison] was fixed and now functions as intended. In-Game Features Premade Groups for Queueing Battlegrounds is now limited to only 2 players per premade to avoid premade group madness. Vendors Fixed a typo within the Easy Enchanter NPC where it would say "40 Attack Power (JW)" (ring enchant). Items Fixed [Gnomish Mind Control Cap].
  29. Word Association

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