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  2. Hello! Thanks for the kinds words. Regarding Kyra and that she should drop more gear, We thought about this however we must take this into accountant that Kyra is not the last boss we'll ever make. She is perhaps only the first of many to come. And in its full, all new world bosses will have the same type of gear dropping. "1x Wrathful / 1x Tier 10.5 and X amount of honor tokens" These bosses are to help gear progression. And we need to assure it's still gonna be hard to get gear so the server does not lose its Progression Rates. She will also have a respawn timer of 24 hours to 48 hours <- Most likely 48 hours. Making her a thing which can be fought frequently, so in its full i believe her drop rates are rather balanced correlating to every other factors/aspects of her. We will of course take this further into consideration and re-evaluate if we need to add more loot to her or not. (Difficulity is 15 to 20 players) Can be defeated with 15 if tactics are known and mastered
  3. Does definitely sounds great, but I think "Kyra" should drop more gear, since it's such a hard boss for at least 20+ people. Nevertheless thanks for your great work and passion to improve the Server Best Regards, Messerboogie
  4. Nebula - Who am i?

    Greetings! Nebula here. Following @OMGhixD's introduction thread, I was inspired to continue this trend! Who is Nebula? My real name is Yasniel (Nebula) I've been familiar with World of Warcraft since the launch of Classic. (Tried Legion & Battle for Azeroth and it was meh ;/ no thx) Experience I spent most of my years experimenting with Private Servers (mostly 3.3.5) and with time I slowly became more interested in the possibility of being a part of a staff, the Idea of becoming a Game Master was fascinating to me so I pursued it until I eventually had the chance to experience it. I will always enjoy the gameplay experience of WoW but deep down I have a stronger passion to provide service to communities & eventually be a part of a professional and prestigious staff which became Cruel-WoW =) I love my team. Here I am many years later I've settled down with Cruel-WoW & it's become part of a home. What do I do with my free time? Well, I actually don't have much free time hah. I work! & I'm a full-time Criminal Justice Student & Volunteer for police stations across my city so most of my time is spent either studying or working on cases and assisting law enforcement. On my days off I spend it reading & working on cases lol go figure... But I always have time for Cruel<3 What do I do here on Cruel-WoW? Well, I am a Game Master! providing solutions to your issues and or concerns is my priority. I will always have an answer to your question! amongst many other duties, some include things like protecting the security of the server & carrying out consequences on cheaters and violators of our guidelines. I also take part in the decoration and environmental design for Ingame projects & zones, as well as @Storm and @OMGhixD May we contact you? Absolutely! I am always available. My contact information is below, feel free to email me or private message me at any time =) Please make sure you only contact me for serious situations. At your service, Nebula
  5. Cruel-WoW is releasing it's first World Boss on the Latest Version of Campfire! Stand ready to fight this epic battle. Kyra drops the following items - Honor Token 25x - Wrathful Gloves 1x for a random class - Tier 10.5 Gloves 1x for a random class She has unique mechanics, abilities and phases. A more detailed Forum Post will be made to explain this topic
  6. I can not log in

    In wtf/config.wtf what does SET realmList say? You can also try replacing your current wow.exe with this one
  7. Random Lich King Dungeons (Normal) Will now reward 7 Honor Tokens You will also recieve 14 Gold 80 Silver in addition to those who drop already from the bosses "We are adding more dungeons to the list" Currently only FoS , PoS and Halls are dropping tokens on bosses. You will recieve 5 Honor Tokens in the upcoming Dungeons after the first initial Dungeon run. Random Lich King Dungeons (Heroic) Will now reward 15 Honor Tokens You will also recieve 20 Gold 20 Silver in addition to those who drop already from the bosses "We are adding more dungeons to the list" Currently only FoS , PoS and Halls are dropping tokens on bosses. You will recieve 7 Honor Tokens in the upcoming Heroics after the first initial Heroic run.
  8. I can not log in

  9. Yesterday
  10. I can not log in

    Only the data folder not the data/enus =)
  11. Considered letting [Honor Token] drop from bosses in all raids?
  12. Last week
  13. I can not log in

    Screenshot your data folder, i'd like to compare mpqs (patches)
  14. I can not log in

    I deleted cache, wtf, and login, I logged in to cmd and restarted the ip connection and nothing. Is there anything else I can do?
  15. I can not log in

    okay I will try.
  16. I can not log in

    you tried to delete a dns cache? in cmd tape: ipconfig / flushdns and try to connect you
  17. Offline - Guild Recruitment Thread

    Ha i'll fight yo ass who has the better guild! :Kappa: If you can beat my DPS i'll consider joining your guild... Maybe
  18. I can not log in

    Try to delete the config file in folder WTF/Config.wtf Regards
  19. I can not log in

    because I do not know what happened either, but I remember that the server was off, and I was never able to log in again. something supernatural even, because only the cruel wow gave problem, just what I like curti and plays when I get home from work;
  20. I can not log in

    Unfortunately, there isn't a way to login to your account from my end or use any commands. There isn't anything that I'm on seeing on my end that would not let you login.
  21. I can not log in

    I've changed the reamlist, I've already changed my ip, deleted the folders, errors, cache, wtf, and nothing, I do not know what to do, is not some command of you there? try logging into my account or change something there, ip know it, I'm sorry for insistence but as I said I like server a lot
  22. I can not log in

    Please confirm your realmlist is as stated above.
  23. I can not log in

    I do not know why this happened, I can not log in, could I solve it? I really like this server
  24. I can not log in

    my login is not banned, I did not do anything for this, but do you know when the server crashes? or when you are in maintenance that gets "yellow"? so it's like this for me unavailable does not enter the screen to choose the characters.
  25. I can not log in

    I am not showing any active bans on your account that would prevent you from logging in. Please ensure your realmlist is "set realmlist wotlk.cruel-wow.net" without the quotes.
  26. I can not log in

    good afternoon, I am a player of this server for some time already, after I update I can not log in anymore, it says that the server is off, my friend who lives in the same city that I can log in, but I who can not solve it? My login is <snip>, please I like this server very much, so much that I came here in the translator to write this message, because I do not speak English, I'm Brazilian. Please, I wanted an answer! Thank you very much.
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