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  1. Greetings guys, Dex here. I was thinking past few days about the currency system rework we need. And I firmly believe we do need it, because I don't see a point grinding endless Bg's, Arenas and World Bosses as such, without a good rewarding system. Current rewarding system is, quite honestly, a bit bad. A rework would also attract & keep bigger player base on our server and allow the population to flourish, imo. First thing we need is a gear rework. What I think by this is that we need to ditch Wrathful gear and go back to Relentless - thus making Wrathfuls harder to obtain. You should implement a certain currency that is farmed through either Arenas or Bg's, or both, that is needed to buy Wrathful gear. Also putting a certain MMR requirement would allow 1v1 and 2v2 arenas to finally start attracting people, as well as Bgs. Besides this, secondly, I firmly believe you should remove BiS PvE gear. Removing Heroic items only, such as 284 trinkets, T10 PvE Heroic sets etc., and make additional currency for those as well. Now, just as Wrathful's are farmed through PvP system, this gear should be farmed by doing dungeons & raids. It's all up to you on how to implement this system. I just don't think it makes any sense giving out all the free BiS gear and then wondering why are daily quest zones empty, etc. So basically, only remove Heroic end game PvE items, and force people to put in effort to get those. And finally, you guys seriously need to check Physical damage and how resilience impacts it. Especially Warriors and Rogues who hit like trucks. Not saying everything is perfect, but seriously, server is full of Warriors and Rogues, and they hit way too much. I'm 1,3k Resilience Lock with Soul Link and around 5,5k armor, and I regularly take shitloads of hits that are way over 5,5 and 6 thousand. Take a look into their Physical damage output please.
  2. 1 man army - Lord Marrowgar

    Good job.
  3. Daily Zone Suggestion (Tyr's Hand)

    That's what I wanted to point out as well. We need currencies reworked in order for any of the daily quest zones to be effective and attract players. Hopefully something good comes out of this one.
  4. Hello everyone, it's Dex here. Many of you know me in game, and I'm more than happy to engage in Forums finally. So I've been thinking about suggesting a creation of a quest zone for daily quests which would be located in Tyr's Hand, Eastern Plaguelands. The small town is perfect for daily PvE farming along with some PvP of course, since it is pretty vast, good looking and also has potential for two miniboss encounters. This idea was tested and proved successful back in 2011 on one of the servers that was unfortunately shut down. (https://wow.gamepedia.com/Tyr's_Hand) As I already discussed with Omghixd, we're looking at daily quest zone with quests that could yield rewards ranging from Badges of Triumphs to other currencies that could be introduced along with this zone, used for purchasing variety of different things. Also, in the main Monastery there's an Elite, Demetria, that could be scaled as a miniboss for 5 man group. Besides her, there's a small Town Hall that could also house another 5 man miniboss. Besides two of these, in the fields, north of Tyr's Hand, there's a fine area for some kind of a Necromancer Boss that would require a raid, similar to current World Bosses concept, and that could very well be a weekly quest, or a daily one, I don't mind. There are monsters right now in this town and they are: Scarlet Archmage Scarlet Cleric Scarlet Curate Scarlet Enchanter Scarlet Praetorian These could be used for daily quests in terms of: "Farm X amount of Scarlet Praetorians, Mages, Clerics...", "Loot X amount of weapons from Scarlet Praetorians...", "Loot X amount of robes from Scarlet Archmages and Clerics...", etc... Whatever you wish. There could also be a weekly quest with an extremely low drop chances: "Loot X amount of Scarlet Insignia from Scarlet members within Tyr's Hand..." Aside from PvE aspect, PvP aspect would also be implemented, as a form of World PvP where people would actually have to be careful when farming mobs and bosses, since there's always some Latino around ready to pwn your team mid boss encounter. Or non-Latino for that matter! :-) Anyways, this is the idea I've already discussed with Omghi and decided to share it with everyone. I'd like to hear your thoughts. Cheers.