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  1. Flyboi

    The accused has been dealt with. Thank you for your report
  2. banned?

    That is utterly strange. i've checked possibly everything we can check regarding your account and i cannot see a reason to why it isn't working. Could you also check that the realmlist and such is properly setup? Keep me posted and i'll help you as much as i can !
  3. banned?

    Hello sir! i am not registering any banishment actions on your account nor your IP-Adresse. This may have been the Auto Ban feature and this only lasts for 10 minutes. Can you retry now?
  4. Banned for no rearson

    We apologize for the incidence. But don't worry. it's a safecheck system to prevent people from bruteforcing your account or others accounts. With this method we can assure that its as hard as overall possible to hack or gain access to someones account where they don't have the right or permission to access. Nonetheless, the ban is an IP-BAN and it only lasts for 10 minutes. After that it's automatically removed. However to improve the system, we will add more checks so that if you should get your password wrong even 4 times then you still won't get banned. The system overall is a Work In Progress kind of thing and we are still tuning for the best possible configurations. Again we do apologize for this and thank you for reaching out to us. Regards OMGhixD & Cruel-WoW Staff
  5. So i'm sure alot of you are aware that the only available WoW.exe for 3.3.5a is a 32 bits client. And thus the program only limits the Memory Limit to 2GB there is a way around to get a whopping 4GB Memory Limit instead. Download this program > Click To Download < How to use the program: Download and extract the program to the desired location Open the Exe named "Large Adress Aware.exe" 1. Click the 3 dots (...) 2. Go to your World of Warcraft Root Folder and select WoW.exe then click Open (It says Åpne on my screen) 3. Check the Checkbox and click Save, Now feel free to exit the program and enjoy your World of Warcraft Client with 4GB Memory Limit instead of 2GB (this is known to decrease or eliminate crashes with the game)
  6. Vanity Items

    Could definitely be interesting to make non-pvp benefitial buffs last longer and or have unlimited charges. However some things are with charges so you'll have to go and buy more so we got a decent flow of Currency Spending.
  7. 1 man army - Lord Marrowgar

    Damn! Well done. Lk next?
  8. Elixir

    I like the suggestion and agree, as this does not provide any benefits at all but is merely a vanity item. making it longer doesn't hurt.
  9. Classes Racial [Shadowmeld] should now put you out of combat when used Rogue [Vanish] no longer grants immunity to CC spells that have on hit flags Warlock [Inferno] will now automatically dismiss already summoned pet upon use [Glyph of Kilrogg] Now grants the eye extra movement speed and flying ability in zones where flying mounts are available Hunter Hunter's Pet can now cast bullheaded talent while stunned PvP Duel Range Radius has been increased to 70 Yards (was 50) System Prevented the use of Forbidden Names Patch bypass.
  10. New World Boss

    Lovely suggestion with informative spell suggestions! Would definitely be fun to produce something like this.
  11. Classes General DoT spells damage has been corrected. Mage Water Elemental's damage was decreased and no longer deals "Unreal Damage" Warlock Warlock Pet's will no longer transfer Auras/Debuffs when being Resummoned. Druid [Tranquility] has been fixed and now works as intended Raids Icecrown Citadel The Crok's Event w/ Svalna Sister was fixed and should now properly begin. Items [Teebu's Blazing Longsword - Display] is no longer Soulbound on Equip and now function the same way as the other Legendaries. [Sunreaver Tabard] is now equipable by both Horde & Alliance, This tabard has also recived an Visual Appearance which will activate once equipped [Item is not available yet]
  12. Love the videos We used to release videos about the certain features which now are live on Campfire, like the Auto Balancer and so on. These were called concept DevBlogs. We only made about 3 videos sadly
  13. Banned

    I have not recieved a PM yet. @Kraken
  14. Banned aswell

    Just to add something ontop of this information provided by Gamer. The ban is only an IP-Ban and indeed only lasts for 10 minutes. If you still is not able to remember your password, Get in touch with me on our Discord Server and i'll manually set a new dummy password for you, After that you can visit the Account Settings page located on the website to further change the password to whatever you may want Regards OMGhixD
  15. advertising

    The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the topic author has resolved their issue. This topic is now closed. If you have other questions, please open a new topic.