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  1. PvP Cooldowns,Health,Mana and Energy now reset upon duel start and end. The required amount of players needed per team for a Battleground is now dynamically changed to match current online population. Classes Warlock Felhunter,Felguard and Succubus base damage is now corrected. Imp can no longer melee attack. Shaman Fire Elemental's base damage is now corrected. Death Knight Ghoul's base damage is now corrected. Mage Water Elemental can no longer melee attack. Items [Honor Commendation] honor gain is now decreased from 2000 to 185.
  2. PvP Added CC delay. Cooldown,HP,Mana and Energy now resets upon Duel start instead of end. [Hotfix available as of 04.12.2018 | Now Resets upon Duel Start & End] Spells Death Knight [Death Grip]'s pull height and speed was decreased. Now works as intended. Corrected Ghoul's damage. It now works as intended. [Raise Ally] is now fixed and functions as intended. Rogue Fixed an issue where [Backstab] would be dodgeable,parriable and blockable. Fixed [Glyph of Backstab]. [Overkill] and [Master of Subtlety] now activate their timers after stealth. [Stealth] & [Vanish] no longer breaks Shadow Dance. Druid [Abolish Poison] was fixed and now functions as intended. In-Game Features Premade Groups for Queueing Battlegrounds is now limited to only 2 players per premade to avoid premade group madness. Vendors Fixed a typo within the Easy Enchanter NPC where it would say "40 Attack Power (JW)" (ring enchant). Items Fixed [Gnomish Mind Control Cap].
  3. PvP Deserter Debuff has been re-enabled. Battlegrounds now require each team to have at least 3 members queued before a Battleground queue pops up. Players can now que Battlegrounds with group regardless of faction. Resilience Crit calculation was reworked a little and critical strikes should now deal a little bit less damage. Classes Shaman Fire & Earth Elemental Totems are now fixed and spawns elementals as intended. Warlock DoT(Damage over time) spells' overall ticking damage has been corrected. (Work in progress) Added 700ms Delay to [Conflagrate] which procs after the use of [Immolate]. Warlock Pet's cooldowns are now reset upon re-summon. Death Knight Death Knight's Ghoul should now have appropriate HP and Stats, increases Damage and Decreases HP to their blizzlike values. Vendors Profession Goods Trader Added [Dragon's Eye] to the vendor under "Jewelcrafting" category. In-Game Features Cruel-Store NPC is now functional again. Website Features Added a new security check on the website to assure account safety.
  4. PvP Implemented Attack Range bonus when players are attacking eachother. Updated duel reset, now it resets all player as well as pet cooldowns. Classes Warlock [Devour Magic] can no longer be used on players that are currently dueling. [Improved Succubus] is now fixed. Warlock Pet's health and mana now restores to full after dismounting. Paladin [Seal of Corruption] / [Seal of Vengenace] now procs off Hammer of the Righteous. Rogue Rogue Combat Bug should now be fixed. Items [Lesser Flask of Toughness] is no longer consumed when used. [Noggenfogger Elixir] is no longer consumed when used. [Deviate Fish] is no longer consumed when used. [Savory Deviate Delight] is no longer consumed when used. [Shiny Red Apple] is no longer consumed when used. Misc Newly created characters will now receive a flying mount upon character creation. Newly created characters will now receive 1x Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake instead of x127. Vendors Professions Vendor Added some of the most requested and missing materials. In-Game Features General Chat Added a space between [Global] and [MVP].
  5. Greetings, We've noticed that players may fall through the ground and are unable to click on Release Spirit button so we decided to make this post and provide you with a quick solution for this issue which works perfectly fine and will release your spirit as intended. When you're unable to click on Release Spirit all you have to do is type in this command: /script RepopMe() NOTE: Keep in mind that you have to type it EXACTLY like that and not for example: /script repopme() , /script Repopme() or /script repopMe() because that will NOT work and you'll have to type it exactly like this: /script RepopMe() with capital R and M letters. Kind Regards, Storm
  6. Classes Warlock Warlock pets should now spawn with reset cooldowns as intended. NPCs Death Knight Trainer Removed the "untrainable" [Horn of Winter] spell from the trainer. General in-game fixes Range Hack (through custom MPQ patches/scripts) is now fixed and should no longer work.
  7. Spells Priest [Mind Flay] should no longer deal insane amount of damage. Paladin [Seal of Vengeance] stacking is now working properly. Night Elf (Racial) [Shadowmeld] is now fixed and properly removes you from combat once used. Raids Icecrown Citadel Deathbringer Saurfang Skybreaker Marine can no longer attack players from opposite faction and can no longer be attacked by players. Muradin Bronzebeard can no longer attack players from opposite faction and can no longer be attacked by players. High Overlord Saurfang can no longer attack players from opposite faction and can no longer be attacked by players. Kor'Kron Reaver can no longer attack players from opposite faction and can no longer be attacked by players. Martyr Stalker (Reputation) trigger NPC is no longer visible to players and is no longer attackable nor will attack players. In-Game Features Implemented a new Anti-Cheat System that won't let players use Fly,Speed or Teleport cheats.
  8. Raids Icecrown Citadel The Lich King Val'kyr Shadowguard are now attackable by melee DPS. Val'kyr Shadowguard flying height and speed are now corrected. Val'kyr Shadowguard timers are now corrected. Ice Spheres now shoot Frostbolts which deals AoE damage around the target. Spells Hunter [Explosive Trap] now deals additional damage. Rogue [Vanish] no longer grants rogue immunity on spells that affect on being hit proc. Quests [Into The Wild Green Yonder] quest is now fixed. Implemented a new Quest Giver "Title Master Elandra" and "Title Master Wilwin" allowing players to obtain the unobtainable titles with [Badge of Triumph]. Title list: <name> of Argus <name> the Insane <name> the Forsaken <name> the Malefic <name> of the Ten Storms <name> the Lion Hearted <name> the Flawless Victor <name>, Hero of Orgrimmar <name> of the Ebon Blade <name> of the Darkspear <name> of the Emerald Dream <name>, Champion of Elune <name> of Khaz Modan <name> of Quel'Thalas <name>, Hand of A'dal <name>, Champion of the Naaru Iron Chef <name> Prophet <name> Archmage <name> Stalker <name> Assassin <name> Warbringer <name> Doctor <name> Grand Master Miner <name> Grand Master Tailor <name> Grand Master Jewelcrafter <name> Grand Master Angler <name> Grand Master Blacksmith <name> Grand Master Scribe <name> Grand Master Herbalist <name> Grand Master Enchanter <name> Grand Master Engineer <name> Grand Master Alchemist <name> Grand Master Skinner <name> Grand Master Leatherworker <name>
  9. Raids Icecrown Citadel Sindragosa Ice Tombs are now attackable by both melee and ranged DPS. Spells Paladin Beacon of Light is now fixed and works as intended. Quests Archmage Lan'dalock (New quest NPC in Mall next to Khadgar) Added a new PvE Weekly quest "Blood-Queen Lana'thel Must Die!". Vendors Starter PvE Gear Simplified the overall vendor experience. Added new menu "Relics,Idols,Totems & Librams" that contains all Relics,Idols,Totems and Librams. Removed Relics,Idols,Totems and Librams from "PvE Off-Set and Relics (258-271)" menu and renamed the menu to "PvE Off-Set (258-271)". Added new menu "Ashen Verdict Rings" that contains all Ashen Verdict Rings. Removed Ashen Verdict Rings from "PvE Accessories and Ashen Verdict Rings (258-271 ilvl)" menu and renamed the menu to "PvE Accessories (258-271)" Added new menu "Tier 9.5 Heroic (Alliance)" that contains Tier 9.5 Heroic gear for Alliance. Added new menu "Tier 9.5 Heroic (Horde)" that contains Tier 9.5 Heroic gear for Horde. Renamed menu "Main-Set (PvE)" to "Main-Set (T10.5 Heroic)". Items Tier 9.5 Heroic Tier 9.5 Heroic now has a Race restriction for Horde and Alliance to avoid exploits by using sets from opposite faction to stack the set bonus procs.
  10. Groot's Game Master Application

    Greetings @Groot, Thank you for applying. You do meet our requirements for a GM position but unfortunately we're not looking for new GMs at the moment. We'll contact you in the future when and if we're in need of a new GM. Application DECLINED (Will be considered in the future when we're in need of new staff members)
  11. Website Website has been completely re-designed. Top Voters of the Week rank list has been added. Online players count has been added. Several features and functionalities were overhauled and fixed. New In-Game Mall New Mall has been added and completely re-designed to ensure the best gameplay experience. Creatures now have an environmental design which represents the creatures purpose. Mall Navigator has been added to Navigate players around the Mall. Additional creatures have been added to give the Mall more "alive" feeling and better visual appearance. Spells Mage Burning Determination is now fixed and working as intended. Druid Nature's Grasp is now fixed and working as intended. Warrior Bladestorm is now fixed and working as intended. Items You can link Glyphs without issues.
  12. Halloween's Special World Boss: Headless Horseman the Nightmare! Greetings dear community, To celebrate the Halloween we decided to spice it up and represent this amazing,new and exclusive World Boss that will be available for one week, starting from today November 1st until November 8th. A lot of time and love is put into making this Boss possible which makes it the coolest and most complete Boss we've ever produced and includes: Fully working and scripted Spells and custom Phases. Fully working and scripted Boss Audio as well as Boss Speech throughout the fight. Fully re-designed Boss environment to ensure the best atmosphere and overall visual quality. Boss has a 12 hour respawn time. To teleport to this World Boss use a portal located behind a Teleporter in the Shattrath Mall. Loot overview x50 [Badge of Triumph]. x10 [Transmogrification Token]. x1 [The Horseman's Reins] mount. x1 [Swift Flying Broom] mount. x1 [Magic Broom] mount. x1 [Sinister Squashling] pet. Fight overview Boss will periodically cast these spells throughout the fight: Shadow Burst - Dealing AoE damage around the Boss. Touch of Darkness - Dealing high single target damage on a random player. Shadow Strike - Dealing high single target damage over time (DoT). Shadow Embrace - Dealing low damage over time (DoT) and silencing all raid member as well as reducing their physical damage done by 50%. Wicked Beam - Mana burns the random raid member for ~2k mana and deals random amount of damage depending on how much mana the target has. We wish you a happy Halloween and we hope you'll enjoy this World Boss!
  13. Game Master Application

    Greetings @Halsey1997, Thank you for applying but unfortunately you don't meet our requirements for a GM position. You can improve your application and feel free to re-apply again in 30 days. Application DECLINED Kind Regards, Head GM Storm
  14. Spells Warrior Charge animation is now fixed and warrior will no longer "teleport" to the target. Death Knight Dancing Rune Weapon is now fixed and works as intended. (Will be applied tomorrow morning) General Overall Loading time should now be decreased. Overall realm performance should now be at much better state. New checks added for Anti-Advertising script.
  15. Spells Priest Shadowform is now reworked and should no longer get stuck in unusable state. Rogue Sapping stealthed target should now properly break his stealth. Mage Spell Fiery Payback should now properly increase the cooldown of Pyroblast. _________________________ Area Gurubashi Arena Players will now receive immunity buff for 8 seconds upon teleporting to Gurubashi Arena. _________________________ Transmogrification Transmogrification Token Transmogrification Token is now tradable. _________________________ Items Free Action Potion Free Action Potion is now disabled and can no longer be used.