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  1. QA Application.

    Greetings @Vemax, Unfortunately you do not meet our requirements for this position. Application DECLINED.
  2. Greetings, We've noticed that players may fall through the ground and are unable to click on Release Spirit button so we decided to make this post and provide you with a quick solution for this issue which works perfectly fine and will release your spirit as intended. When you're unable to click on Release Spirit all you have to do is type in this command: /script RepopMe() NOTE: Keep in mind that you have to type it EXACTLY like that and not for example: /script repopme() , /script Repopme() or /script repopMe() because that will NOT work and you'll have to type it exactly like this: /script RepopMe() with capital R and M letters. Kind Regards, Storm
  3. Groot's Game Master Application

    Greetings @Groot, Thank you for applying. You do meet our requirements for a GM position but unfortunately we're not looking for new GMs at the moment. We'll contact you in the future when and if we're in need of a new GM. Application DECLINED (Will be considered in the future when we're in need of new staff members)
  4. Halloween's Special World Boss: Headless Horseman the Nightmare! Greetings dear community, To celebrate the Halloween we decided to spice it up and represent this amazing,new and exclusive World Boss that will be available for one week, starting from today November 1st until November 8th. A lot of time and love is put into making this Boss possible which makes it the coolest and most complete Boss we've ever produced and includes: Fully working and scripted Spells and custom Phases. Fully working and scripted Boss Audio as well as Boss Speech throughout the fight. Fully re-designed Boss environment to ensure the best atmosphere and overall visual quality. Boss has a 12 hour respawn time. To teleport to this World Boss use a portal located behind a Teleporter in the Shattrath Mall. Loot overview x50 [Badge of Triumph]. x10 [Transmogrification Token]. x1 [The Horseman's Reins] mount. x1 [Swift Flying Broom] mount. x1 [Magic Broom] mount. x1 [Sinister Squashling] pet. Fight overview Boss will periodically cast these spells throughout the fight: Shadow Burst - Dealing AoE damage around the Boss. Touch of Darkness - Dealing high single target damage on a random player. Shadow Strike - Dealing high single target damage over time (DoT). Shadow Embrace - Dealing low damage over time (DoT) and silencing all raid member as well as reducing their physical damage done by 50%. Wicked Beam - Mana burns the random raid member for ~2k mana and deals random amount of damage depending on how much mana the target has. We wish you a happy Halloween and we hope you'll enjoy this World Boss!
  5. Game Master Application

    Greetings @Halsey1997, Thank you for applying but unfortunately you don't meet our requirements for a GM position. You can improve your application and feel free to re-apply again in 30 days. Application DECLINED Kind Regards, Head GM Storm
  6. The Beginning

    Welcome to Cruel-WoW @Sin! We're glad you like our project and we'll continue to make great content and ensure the best gameplay quality possible. Enjoy your stay! Kind Regards, Storm
  7. Game Master Application

    Greetings @justSelim, Thank you for applying but unfortunately you don't meet our requirements for a GM position. You can improve your application and feel free to re-apply again in 30 days. Application DECLINED Kind Regards, Head GM Storm
  8. Doctor Tinkertonk the Master of Engineering Greetings, We're proud to announce and release a new World Boss for our Campfire realm, Tinkertonk the Master of Engineering! This time the Boss is pretty simple and very easy to kill and yet very rewarding with only a few mechanics. To teleport to this Boss use one of the Portals located in Southshore for Alliance and Tarren Mill for Horde. Southshore portal location: Inside Town Hall. Tarren Mill portal location: Inside the Church / Chapel. If you experience any bugs/glitches during the fight please feel free to report them on our Bugtracker here: https://www.cruel-wow.net/bugtracker We hope you will enjoy this World Boss as much as you did the previous ones! Fight Overview: First Phase In this phase the Boss will spawn `Tinkertonk's Mechano-Tanks` on 90%,80%,70% and 60% of his HP. When Boss reaches 50% Phase 2 will begin. Second Phase This phase begins at 50% HP. This phase is more like a transition between Phase 1 and Phase 3. When Boss reaches 50% he enters Phase 2 (Transition Phase) and will spawn `Tinkertonk's Flying Machines` doing slightly more damage and have slightly more health than Mechano-tanks. This phase ends at 30% HP where third phase will begin. Third Phase Third phase begins at 30% HP and will last until the Boss is dead. In this phase Boss will no longer spawn any adds. Upon reaching 30% the Boss will spin the Green Circle and begin to shoot Fire Missiles at everyone in the raid dealing raid-wise damage until the Boss is dead. Good luck and have fun! Kind Regards, Cruel-WoW Staff
  9. Hotfixes Sept. 24th

    Quests Fixed Quest - "Shredderectomy". Fixed Quest - "Scouting the Shore" Alliance version. Fixed Quest - "Explosive Bonding Compound". Fixed Quest - "A Steak Fit for a Hunter". Fixed Quest - "Kill the Cultists". Fixed Quest - "Replenishing The Storehouse". Fixed Quest - "Take Their Rear!" ___________________________________________________________________________________ Zones and Areas Deepholm Removed 2100 creature duplicates in Deepholm. The Deathknell Re-worked the area and creature placement. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Creatures Corrected Aeonaxx's movement and path, he now paths his route as intended.
  10. Auto Gear/Spec PVE gear

    Greetings, This is a good suggestion but the only reason we didn't implement PvE Template NPC is because in PvE there are millions of gear,socket and enchant combinations that players use. Using a default PvE gear template may bring a lot of questions like "Why did i get this item?" or "Why am i missing this item?" etc. We will discuss this once again and we'll see if we can come up with a default template that everyone may like but for now we'll leave it to the players to customize their set as they like. Kind Regards.
  11. Unique patch

    Greetings, We are highly against custom patches and we're trying to stay as Plug and Play server so everyone can play without the need of custom patches. Also custom patches may cause a lot of bugs and issues. Kind Regards.
  12. Ahune

    Thank you for your feedback, we've discussed about this and decided to decrease the difficulty of the boss by a little bit to make sure it's not so hard to do it but keep in mind that you will need time to progress this boss and it's mechanics to find a perfect position as well as tactic. Here is the list of changes we've made: Good luck!
  13. Greetings, After our successful creation of World Boss Hogger we decided to keep making new World Bosses for players to challenge. After a lot of hours and hard work put into making this possible the time has come and we're excited to announce and release our newest creation World Boss: Ahune the Frost Lord! Boss is already tested and we made sure he is doable but keep in mind that he is really hard and will take a long time to kill but he is also very rewarding! To teleport to the Boss use 'Portal to Ahune' located near Khadgar in the mall. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Boss overview: Boss has 16.6 million health and 6.6 million mana. Boss also has a huge amount of Frost,Fire,Arcane,Holy,Shadow and Nature resistance making him a long fight. Boss is less demanding for the tank but highly demanding for the raid and healers. Area around the boss is pretty tight so we advise you to think carefully and plan your tactics before engaging with this beast! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fight overview: NOTE: If you die during the fight you can release your spirit and accept the revive from Spirit Healer and fly back to the boss. You will NOT get Sickness debuff and it takes around 30 seconds to reach the boss from the nearest graveyard. Boss has 5 Spells which will be cast periodically. Spell List: - Frostbolt: Dealing ~5k damage to everyone in the raid without debuff and dealing around ~8k with a debuff. - Frost Breath: Dealing ~30k damage in front of the boss and will require a tank to use a cooldown to survive this one. - Blizzard: Blizzard will fall on a random player in a raid dealing 5k - 7k AoE damage each 2 seconds and slowing everyone that's within the range. - Curse of the Elements: Boss will cast this debuff at the start of the fight and on each 10 seconds during the fight. Debuff will reduce Fire and Frost resistance by 90 and increase Fire and Frost damage taken by 25%. - Thunderstorm: Since the boss is on the mountain we decided to make it cruel and add a Thunderstorm to it. Boss will periodically cast Thunderstorm knocking back players around him. Be careful if you don't want to fly off a mountain! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Loot overview: As this boss is really hard to kill we decided to make him very rewarding! Items with 100% drop chance: - [Badge of Triumph] x50 - [Transmogrification Token] x10. Items with high drop chance: - [Conqueror's Mark of Sanctification] Normal version. - [Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification] Normal version. - [Protector's Mark of Sanctification] Normal version. Items with medium drop chance: - [Conqueror's Mark of Sanctification] Heroic version. - [Vanquisher's Mark of Sanctification] Heroic version. - [Protector's Mark of Sanctification] Heroic version. - Legendary weapon transmogs such as: Warglaives,Thunderfury,Frostmourne,Ashbringer,Shadowmourne and many more! Items with low drop chance: - Mount [Celestial Steed]. - Mount [Invincible's Reins]. - Mount [Magic Rooster]. - Mount [Swift Spectral Tiger]. - Mount [Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal]. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Note: Anything you encounter and see may be a subject to change so please feel free to suggest any changes you'd like and we'll be more than happy to consider them and possibly implement them. If you encounter any bugs during the fight feel free to report them on our Bugtracker here: https://www.cruel-wow.net/bugtracker and we'll fix them as soon as possible. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  14. Changes for good!

    We already have a plan about Shadowmourne and other legendaries and i don't think we will add them for free. Custom items that are stronger than WotLK items will not be added because it will make the PvP unbalanced. PvE content works pretty well at the moment but we will still continue to fix the remaining bugs to make it even better. We actually don't care about the money as we are a non-profit server but we can reduce the prices if it's needed in the future. All the items you see on the Donation shop are obtainable in-game from Cruel Treasure chests. We won't add any "useful" items on the donation store because it will make the server pay to win. That's actually a good idea and we will make it happen. That's also a good idea, i agree with this. I don't think it's possible to do it, but we will check it out. It's a great idea. Logout is already instant in the Innkeeper area where the teleporter is. We will see if we can make it instant in the whole mall. Thanks for the idea. I don't think we will remove the price for items and make them free as we want the players to get geared by doing in game activities. If everything was free then the server will become boring and players won't have things to do in the free time except for PvP and PvE. We have a lot of World Bosses coming as well as hundreds of new quests that will be added in the future which will make gearing interesting and also fun. We're currently looking for new GMs and if you're interested in joining our team you can apply here: https://www.cruel-wow.net/forum/index.php?/forum/22-staff-recruitment/ Unfortunately Facebook and Google ads are displayed to everyone and almost everyone that will come across our ad is not a WoW player which won't raise our population. We are highly against Pay to Win system and we will not add items for donation. We already have Cruel Treasure chests that are spawned all over Mulgore,Eastern Plaguelands,Outland and Northrend and they do contain Transmog Tokens,Badge of Honor and a lot of cool items including the ones from donation shop. Also there is a weekly quest to collect 50 treasures and you get nice rewards for completing it. _______________________________________________________________________ We appreciate your suggestions and we will consider some of the ideas from your post. Kind Regards, Game Master Storm
  15. Custom Item Icon Fix

    Version 1.0.0


    This AddOn is a fix for "?" Item Icon.