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  1. Offline - Guild Recruitment Thread

    Looks like a great guild, good luck recruiting people!
  2. hello

    Welcome! Hopefully you'll enjoy your stay here and create many great memories!
  3. Jump on the hype train!!
  4. Greetings.

    Welcome back and enjoy your stay here with us!
  5. hey

    Welcome! Enjoy your time here with us
  6. The Beginning

    Welcome to Cruel-WoW! Happy to hear that you are choosing to play here with the limited/precious time you have! Hopefully you will enjoy your stay and we can make it as great as an experience as possible. Regards, markus
  7. Gif Universe

  8. Boats N Holes is Recruiting

    Best of luck! Hopefully you’ll find a lot of people to rock the boat with!
  9. What's up

    Very cute dog!
  10. What's up

    Welcome Heshgotcash, hope to see you around here and enjoy your stay! What kind of dog do you have?
  11. Ban the user above you!

    You've been banned for banning someone for an invalid reason.