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  1. Share your WoW memories.

    At least your fps is on point lool The screen is not mine, Jesper(Purpleness) sent it to me, but I am "Imzenith" in it and that was something that happened back on zipa when I was trolling Bladerift and it became a meme for a long time. The guild I had was rogue-only
  2. Mall

    The previous mall was Shattrath and that was horrible, ugly and it sucked. Way too overused and boring. I think this one is fine when you get used to it, it's unique and looks cool, everything is easy to access with the mall navigator npc, so idk what you talking about. Now the duel zone on the other hand.....but that's a whole different topic lol
  3. Give Away!

    Can I add 30 more tokens to the price? Fun idea, hopefully someone will want to participate though lol
  4. Said it before, gonna say it again. Best private server staff ever, y'all do so much and actually listen to your community. I wish you guys huge population from next year!
  5. rbg / arena ques

    Wrong. The population dropped a bit cause of holidays, however it was peaking at around 50-60 before with the free S8 and T10. When starter gear was S7 the population was lower. If they made S8 with arenas it won't make people start playing arenas. Why would they do that here, when there's a few other servers where u gotta grind s8 with arenas and etc and have a lot more population? Making S8 not free won't make people be more active in PVP. A lot would actually quit. People are here cause the gear is free.
  6. rbg / arena ques

    Nope. What you said is what the server started as, if I'm not mistaken. When they switched it to free s8 and BiS it gained more population than it had. The population will come back eventually. Noone wants to grind for gear on a 10 years old expansion when there are already quite a few other hugely populated servers who offer that grind. This is the only private server with free BiS out there atm, the only one with a decent population given the circumstances and with a staff that actually cares about it and works on it constantly. There are many other ways to incentivize arena and bgs, grinding for gear will only discourage people more. That's my opinion anyway.
  7. Newbie to Cruel - WoW

    Yo, welcome, might wanna edit out the other server names tho heh
  8. Fly Hacker?

    So this Wolfx guy SUMMONED ME and a few others in the new (soon-to-be-duel-zone) and was trying to kill us while in the air..
  9. Renaming Guild

    Yo, I dunno if it's possible, but I'd like to suggest a NPC or some sort of mechanic that lets you rename your guild (if you're the leader ofc). that is all thanks for the attention, gamers
  10. Flyboi

    Player Name: Undefect Rule violated: He's fly-hacking Proof:
  11. Vanity Items

    bump And btw I am only talking about items that don't affect pvp in any way. Like the pet enlarger item. I want a giant ass pug!
  12. Elixir

    Can we make the pet enlarger biscuits like that too then? My thread is still there
  13. Daily Zone Suggestion (Tyr's Hand)

    Ah the good old zippa days. But what would we farm there? The server that got shutdown had transmog tokens loot from the bosses and npcs with super low drop chances. So what would the drop there be since there's already quite a few ways to farm the currencies ingame? Also if that happens the npcs need to be reworked, cause they're really strong right now and they're everywhere in Tyrs hand, so a player would expect at least a few encounters with 3 or more npcs.. and they hit pretty hard. Personally don't mind the idea at all, but I just don't see what can we farm there that we already can't. Cause there's 2 daily quest zones but noone goes there, cause they're not worth the time and effort for the little loot they offer.
  14. Class Event

    So I was thinking, it could be fun to start hosting class 1v1 events from time to time. Like Rogue vs Rogue, Mage v Mage etc. Not in the place of regular 1v1 events, just a bit of more pvp.
  15. Remove the scroll buff vendor

    I agree with this. Tbh if it were up to me I'd make buffs only working in raids, might leave the flasks and the Food buffs, but the rest is wack