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  1. QA mentioned in a post. Twice. 10/10 post.
  2. Lmao

    Obligatory keybind comment
  3. There's a ton of consumable buffs in the current mall, and from experiance there tends to be a "meta" to run around with at least 3-4 scroll buffs at all time (leatherworking buffs etc). I don't mind people having a bit more health etc, what I do mind is it making anyone playing a dispeller's life a living hell, in a expansion with a ton of trash buffs already, dispelling additional buffs is just overkill. And when you've cleansed someone it just takes them a ICD to put them up again, playing as a warlock makes devour magic completely useless. So please, remove the damn scroll vendor. Make scrolls soulbound so that if you pickup fking leatherworking for this you can't just have a leatherworker slave and send it to your main. In addition. If you're playing a paladin in a BG, and you're one of the good guy paladins and give the healer blessing of wisdom, blessing of kings to the rest. Your work is cut short by one person using Blessing of the Forgotten Kings (scroll kings) removing all your buffs and putting a inferior effect on everyone. And besides all of this, when everyone uses these buffs. What's even the point? Just give everyone a 8% stat and extra resistance forcing the spell pen cap to 180.
  4. RMK's macro corner

    There's 4 options really; 1st Put the macro on another bar (any), 2nd: Make your spell outside of stealth to use these items, 3rd: Have a bind that uses these items, 4th Make a custom bar setup making it so that these items will only be used in correlation with you wanting to do a RvR duel. Last option is what I am using, it's however a ***** to setup. But I'm making a guide on how to set it up in my next post. You're gonna have to make a compensation no matter what, it can't work as you'd like. Because if we add [form] then you'd have the issue that if you're opening with a sap on your focus, then you'll be using a AoE breaking it instantly. Same thing with any other form of CC.
  5. RMK's macro corner

    You're gonna have to specify what the macro is for, and I don't really see what you're trying to do. I'm just blind guessing but I'm assuming that you've got the macro on your stealth bar? and you want to press it twice so that it cheap shot/premed then cast your engi toys. I mean if you put this on another actionbar besides bar:1 then you wont have this issue lol
  6. Share your Desktop!

    Middle screen is a 4k 39" side monitors are 1200x1920 (original) but up-scaled to 1419x2270 to get the same PPI as main monitor.
  7. Server

    "Campfire realm is currently offline. ETA until its back up: 30-50minutes" Taken from discord.
  8. RMK's macro corner

    Obtaining more character specific macro slots There's multiple ways of increasing the number of macro slots available for your character, I thought I'd show how to go about doing all of them. Normally you'll have 36 account wide macros and 18 character specific macros. However that's not true, the UI shows us that we only have 18 character specific macros but in reality the game accepts 36 character specific macros. So how do we go about using them? Well, It's a bit of a hassle but it's not too complicated. When you create a macro in your game it will be saved in a macro cache; which there are four of. One for your account, along with a backup. And one pair for your character. You can locate these in your WTF file stored in your world of warcraft folder. Alright, so now that we know where the files are located we can start editing them. So when a new macro is created it will create a new line of text in this text document. First; a set of numbers indicating the macro ID (there can't be multiple macro's with the same ID), we then find the macro name that you've given it, and lastly is the icon given to the macro. But we're only interested in the IDs & names. So in this example we've got a full character specific cache (16) shown in-game, we can't scroll down or given the option to add anymore macros. We'll start things of by opening the character specific macro cache (world of warcraft\WTF\account\ACCOUNTNAME\SERVERNAME\CHARACTERNAME\macro-cache.txt). Copy one of the already existing macros (starting with MACRO and ending with END), remove the current macro text between the macro information and END, and write the macro that you'd like to have added. Remember to change the ID and name. When naming your new macro add "A_" in the start of the macro name. This is to make sure that this macro will be put in the first spot in your in-game macro frame, as the in-game frame doesn't support showing more than 16 macros per character. Once you're done editing your macro (make sure your game client is closed), save the document and login to your account again. You should now find the new macro in the top of the macro list, and the macro that was in the last spot missing. However this macro is only missing from the macro frame, it will not be removed from your actionbar. And there you have it, that's how you add more character specific macros, you can add 16 more macros, no more than that. This does not work on your accountwide macros and does not bypass the 255 letter limit. If you've got any questions. Please, post them below. More account macros We'll be using multiple macro cache's to get our hands on more macros in this method. This requires you to close the game, swap cache then log back in again in order to work. This method of adding more macros at your disposal is very easy, but also very tedious. We'll head back into our beloved WTF folder and go back into our chosen account folder. There we will find the account macro-cache as you know by now. We'll now create a new folder inside of the account folder (you can name it whatever you want). Inside of this folder create any number of folders (depending on how many macros you'd like, remember that 1 cache is 36 macros). To use this method you'll place your current macro cache into the new folder. Then go into the folder where you've placed the cache that you're intending to use, move this cache into the account folder, and open the game. This method also works in character specific obviously, not that I'd see anyone needing that many macros, as by using both these methods will give us a total of 72 macros per character. The last method is to just use addons, which I have 0 experience with so you'll have to find that by yourself. If you got any questions or need help getting this to work, PM me or leave a comment below.
  9. RMK's macro corner

    Deserves a pin for pure quality if you ask me .
  10. RMK's macro corner

    RvR macros are quite simple in nature seeing how RvR is supposed to be about pure mechanics and reactions. All that's needed are a cheap shot opener macro and a blind one, if you don't want to tab spam. The cheap shot opener macro i use is here: /targetenemyplayer /use item:42641 /use shadow dance /use shadowstep /use cheap shot /targetenemyplayer It's just a spammable macro that gives you the cheap shot seeing how it's impossible to not use a macro like this against people with this macro. Besides this macro I like to use shadow dance on my cheap shot bind. But there's also purist that will not use macros in RvR, it's up to you. But there's no macro that will make you a good rvr player, that just takes time and dedication (and good ms/reaction time obv).
  11. This is a thread where macro 'theory-crafting' and requests can be made. If you need a macro or find yourself stuck on a error message you can paste it here and I'll try to help you out. As a FYI before we get started there's one thing that we need to get clear. Macros can't be automated, such as spell X will be used if stunned, feared or any other condition you can think of. Those are scripts and third party applications (that are not allowed). However there's a lot of things we can do with the limiting 255 character limit nonetheless using our own creativity, and if that's a big issue you can download add-on's such as SDM (super duper macro) or Longmacro. I'll start of with some of the most common macros that people find themselves asking for along with some of my own more specific macros. /stopcasting /use [@focus,mod:shift][]SPELL /use [@mouseover,exists][]SPELL /use [@focus,mod:shift][@mouseover,exists][]SPELL /use [form:1]SPELL1;[form:2]SPELL2;SPELL3 /use [pet:succubus]lesser invisibility;[pet:voidwalker]consume shadows;[pet,@player,mod:shift][pet,@focus,mod][pet]devour magic;SPELLWITHOUT PET (optional) /equipslot 16 item:XXXX /equipslot 17 item:XXXX /equipslot 18 item:XXXX /use 13 /use 14 /use [combat]vanish;!stealth /equipslot [nocombat]13 item:xxxx /use [spec:1]unstable affliction;chaos bolt /use [bar:1]unstable affliction;[bar:3]corruption;curse of agony /changeactionbar [mod:shift]2;1 /swapactionbar 1 2 So the first macro is just a simple focus macro if a modifier is held down, it will cast on your primary target if no modifier is held down, if a cast is being casted when the macro is pressed it will cancel this spell. Second macro is a mouseover macro if you hold your mouse over a target, otherwise it will just use the spell on your target. Third macro is a combination of both of them, you can change the mod: to [mod:alt], [mod:shift], [mod:ctrl] or just simply [mod] which will trigger if you hold any of the modifiers down. Here we got a form macro also known as a stance macro. These macros are quite simple, if you're in the stance or form (battle stance, cat form, stealth, shadow dance) then the spell will be used. After that we have a showcase of a one-button pet macro along with a optional spell if no pet is active, can be fel domination if you'd like for example. We then have the most common item swapping macro options, 16 = one hand 17 = offhand 18 = ranged/relic 13 & 14 are the trinket slots, for space saving in macros. This macro will vanish if in combat or stealth outside of combat. And equip a new trinket when outside of combat. A macro that will use spells depending on which spec you're using. Using [bar:] allows you to pick spells depending on which actionbar is currently being viewed (bottombar can be switched). Switches actionbar to chosen bar. Swaps between given bars. /castsequence SPELL1,SPELL2,SPELL2,SPELL3 /castsequence reset=target SPELL1,SPELL2,SPELL2,SPELL3.null /castsequence [mod:shift]reset=combat/target SPELL1,SPELL2; reset=5/target SPELL3,SPELL4 Here we got three examples of the castsequence utility being used. The first one is a simple one that just uses the 3 abilities listed, for each spell being used the next spell in the sequence will be placed on the button, when the sequence list has been finished it will start at the beginning (SPELL1). The second macro is identical to the first one but when the sequence is finished it will not start over on the first spell until a new target has been selected. Third macro is a bit more complex; if shift is held down then it will use the first sequence listed, if not it will use the second sequence. If you target a new target or you leave combat the first sequence will reset, the second sequence will reset after 5 seconds has passed after the last time it was pressed. /use !shoot /use !throw /use !stealth /use !shadowfury /cancelaura Blessing of Protection /equipslot [worn:crossbow,nocombat]18 item:xxxx;[mod:alt,mod:ctrl]18 item:xxxx /use [worn:thrown]!throw;!shoot Here we got a few tricks that can be used in macros to improve your gameplay experience. The first two macros will use your ranged weapon and will not cancel the action if pressed again. The third macro will use stealth and not cancel the effect if pressed again. Fourth macro will trigger a AoE targeted spell and not cancel targeting if pressed multiple times. Fifth macro will cancel the Blessing of Protection buff if it's on you. Last macro is a macro that will equip a thrown if a crossbow is equipped when outside of combat, if alt and ctrl is held down then it will equip the crossbow once again. That's all the general macros that I could come up with, if i think of anymore I will add them. If you feel that I missed something don't hesitate to ask for it to be added or add it yourself. Here are a few macros that I've written that are highly situational but may be useful if you're looking for them, but are more to show as a example of what is possible. I'll add descriptions to them later on. /castsequence [form:1]reset=5 defensive stance,null;[@mouseover,help,exists][@Hate,exists][@Gosu,exists][@party1]reset=combat/5 intervene,battle stance,null /use charge #showtooltip Shield bash /cancelaura hand of protection /cancelaura bladestorm /equipslot [nomod:ctrl,form:1/2]16 item:51516 /equipslot [nomod:ctrl,form:1/2]17 item:51533 /use [mod:ctrl,form:1/2]berserker stance][form:1/2,mod:shift,@focus][form:1/2]shield bash /use [form:3,mod:shift,@focus][mod:ctrl,form:3][form:3]pummel /sw [form:1/2]6;4 /sw play /stopcasting /stopmacro [nochanneling] /use item:41196 /use 16 /click StaticPopup1Button1 /stopcasting /petfollow /petstay /petattack [@focus] /use [mod:ctrl,@focus]shadowstep /use [nomod:alt,mod,@focus][@mouseover,exists][nomod:alt]kick /use [mod:alt]!distract /sw 5 /sw play /equip [mod:alt]item:48511;[worn:mace]item:48509 /stopattack [mod] /use [mod]Premeditation /use [noworn:mace][mod]expose armor /cleartarget [mod] /targetlasttarget [mod] /stopattack [mod] #show [worn:axe]item:3775;[worn:sword]item:43237;[worn:fist weapon]item:5237 /equipslot [mod:shift]17 item:48438;[nomod]17 item:48432 /use [mod:ctrl,@focus]shadowstep /use [mod:ctrl,@focus][worn:fist weapon/sword]shiv #show [worn:axe]item:3775;[worn:sword]item:43237;[worn:fist weapon]item:5237;[worn:mace]item:43231 /equipslot [mod:ctrl]17 item:48435;[nomod]17 item:48426 /use [mod:shift,@focus][worn:mace/axe]shiv #show shadowmeld /use [bar:1,combat]vanish /equipslot [bar:1]13 item:50362 /equipslot [bar:1]14 item:47131 /tar [bar:2]arena2 /stopmacro [bar:2/1] /targetenemyplayer /use item:42641 /use blind /targetenemyplayer /use [nomod]claw /petautocasttoggle [mod:shift]claw /use [mod:ctrl,@player][mod:shift,@focus][@mouseover,exists][]death coil /petautocastoff claw /petstay [@mouseover,noexists] /use [@mouseover,exists][@pet]corpse explosion /sw 2 /sw play /petautocastoff claw /petattack [mod:shift]focus /use [mod:shift,@focus][]leap Intervene mouseover target if there is one, if there's not healer of choice, if not then party1 then charge target. Shield slam/pummel macro with quick pummel, equip shield/1hander for bash, and a lock out countdown using the stopwatch. Warlock stopcasting macro, will stop channeling spells from being casted by starting to use a spellstone on your mainhand then canceling it. If not channeling spell is being used then it will just stop normal casts (Can be setup with other classes, but requires you to use a item that doesn't share GCD with the rest of your spells (you can use the blacksmithing ward on your chest for example)). /run for i=1,#CHAT_FRAMES do local e=_G["ChatFrame"..i.."Tab"];if(e:IsVisible() and e:GetID()>SELECTED_CHAT_FRAME:GetID()) then FCF_Tab_OnClick(e,nil);return;end end FCF_Tab_OnClick(ChatFrame1Tab,nil); /run _CHATHIDE=not _CHATHIDE for i=1,NUM_CHAT_WINDOWS do for _,v in pairs{"","Tab"}do local f=_G["ChatFrame"..i..v]if _CHATHIDE then f.v=f:IsVisible()end f.ORShow=f.ORShow or f.Show f.Show=_CHATHIDE and f.Hide or f.ORShow if f.v then f:Show()end end end /console gxWindow 1 /console gxRestart /console gxWindow 0 /console gxRestart Allows you to jump between your chat tabs like you would in chrome switching tabs with ctrl-tab. Hides the chat Turns on window mode Turns off window mode Alright, that's it for me for now. I hope you find something interesting or helpful. Any questions can be left below, feel free to share your own macros. I will continue to post in this thread about the macros that I'm making. I will make a post about [bar:], [harm]. [help] and [spec:] and how you can use them to be more efficient with your keybindings.