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  1. Banned aswell

    I wanted to login into my account but it didnt accept the correct password. aswell on my second account. now i have 2 banned account...werid. Pls unban me <snip>
  2. Many random disconnects

    Hey there. I just were motivated to do a quick icc with my pve account . But i got plenty of disconnects. its everyting right with my internet! I just get randomly disconnects during bossfights i dont know why. I turned off my addons like deadly boss mods but still got plenty of disconnects.. Can someone tell me a reason? Sometimes i just insta disconnecetd after logging in.
  3. Bugged account

    My account <snip> is bugged. I cant create more than 5 characters. it says my account would be full. and NAmes of deleted char are still locked. Maybe they are deleted on character list but still on my account?
  4. Server

    its so boring
  5. Characte restore

    acc name: compiwow15
  6. Characte restore

    It was a human warlock
  7. Characte restore

    Here is a List Mero- Priest Meromero- Mage Prim- Paladin Flaame- hunter Sabsi- Warr and There should be 1 Warlock but i dont know if it was Primrose or Sabsii maybe u can look up for him
  8. Characte restore

    I was asking about character restore and the gm said it will be done. Than they said it already happened. On homepage it says they are restored but they are not on the character list. So i wanna ask if it possible to restore all of them except of the dk. I haave enoug space for them.