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  1. Share your WoW memories.

    Here's a question for staff members. What's the longest mute you've ever given a player before in all of your experience? 1 hour? a day? three days? Maybe even a month if he was really toxic right? But, does it come close to this? PS: I was really toxic back then xd.
  2. Share your WoW memories.

    This was then followed by a hilarious conversation with a dumbstruck staff member since he got so many speed hack reports lul.
  3. As the topic says, share them memories whether it be a PvP, PvE or simply a hilarious conversation/incident while you played WoW. Rule #1: Must be in Wotlk. Rule #2: Present a screenshot and a few sentences to explain the situation. Rule #3: If said screenshot was in a different server, make sure it is as vague as possible and blur objects/names if it is with a staff member. Rule #4: Have fun ! I'll start with a simple yet fun one. When I say I have lag, I really do mean it. And there was once a time I was called "The king of lag." Cringe as **** title, but yeah..... This fits right?
  4. QA Application.

    Greetings, I wish to join your QA team for easier bug detection, and improving the server overall. I have only played Wotlk since it's release till now. I did both PvP at "High" rating and all of the PvE content. I know almost a lot , if not all, of the spell interactions, and I believe I will be able to help Rmk in finding bugs faster. I believe there are steps in locating bugs. Observation, testing and conclusion. Ofcourse some of them require knowledge of spells interacting with each other. For example, a current bug is counterspell vanish. When a rogue vanishes, and a mage counterspells at exact moement, it should get him out of vanish state. Right now, it does nothing. The rogue goes into vanish state. Conclusion it's a bug. The more the merrier when it comes to QA. ~Vemax.
  5. Greetings.

    Hello, I'm Vemax. (Most used name, as I use a lot.) To be blunt, I am a ghost of cruel-wow. What does that mean? Well, I have seen it's rise and fall countless of times. (The insane amount of wipes/remakes.) I have seen the switching from owner to owner and so on. The drama of many, the corruption of former staff members. I know it all. But, that's irrelevant now. This is a new chapter, so I won't say more. You will find me on my fire mage occasionally in the duel zone.