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  1. Banned

    @OMGhixD I just now got into Wow, logged successfully into my main account [Kraken]. Then, I wanted to try my friends' account, again says banned. Tried logging back onto mine, banned. Restarted pc and internet, successfully logged into my main. Again tried my friends' account, again banned. And my main is again banned too. PS: when logging into my friends' account, it always says first it's incorrect, but I'm typing everything really carefully, and then, it says banned. Please, look into it. Or just unban his IP. I really don't know what's the problem, but he's my friend, I brought him here, we like this server.
  2. Banned

    Hello, admins. Ok so, I was playing today, as usual, everything was fine. I went outside in the evening, came back, wanting to play with my friend. Then, I just got a message from him, that his account was banned. He told me that, he wrote password incorrect a couple of times (or it was just saying that the info is incorrect), and then it said his account has been banned. I tried logging my account, I succed. Logged out, told him to give his account to me, so I can try, it said it's banned (I didn't make the password wrong). Then, I gave him my 2nd account, it again said it's banned. I tried logging it too, banned. He restarted computer and internet, made new account, again saying banned. And then, I wanted to get into Wow, so I can play on my own - MY MAIN ACCOUNT BANNED! Please, can you tell me what's going on? Do something, anything. My accounts: Main - Kraken ; the one I gave to him - Krekan His account: mariano Thank You.