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  1. Give Away!

    With the majority votes going for Zin's screenshot he is the winner. Message me ingame to claim your prize #close thread
  2. Give Away!

    Thanks! Just waiting on OmghixD and Gamer
  3. Give Away!

    Koffies Submitted - http://prntscr.com/m0p877 Zin Submitted - Ckookie Submitted - All three are amazing screenshots and shows how diverse the landscapes are, out of the three I do like Zin's better due to how how he has linked it back to vanilla giving us old timers a nice memory to look back onto. I am awaiting the vote off the staff to then announce the winner below, so keep posted!
  4. Give Away!

    Always liked Dragonblight myself its more due to the frozen waste land and the story line behind it.
  5. Mall

    I like the idea, I am more wanting to see the NPCs corrected properly, and more time taken to organise and check every NPC has every enchant available, I started on the item one a while ago, but i'd rather take the time to create a full spreadsheet including every item from endgame content, enchants, gems, to allow a more pleasant experience when creating characters.
  6. Give Away!

    Awesome Screenshot man
  7. Give Away!

    We can only wait and see!
  8. Give Away!

    Hello Cruel - WoW I am Zupex/Takenbacon, and I am going to be doing a give away, what I am giving away is 30 [Transmogrification Token] & any legendary transmog of your choosing. So you're wondering what you have to do to win this? You need to show me the best location in WoW, via a screenshot. If you wish too you can add some effects / photoshop to make the image come to life. I am eager to see what you guys can do and I do request that you put a watermark in the bottom left stating "Cruel - WoW"! I am asking for the help of the staff @OMGhixD, @Gamer, @Storm & @Nebula to help pick a winner. You have until the 12th of January! So good luck guys and have fun! - Zupex
  9. Lmao

    Merry Christmas.
  10. rbg / arena ques

    No issues tonight
  11. Arena Fun x)

    Since playing here, never experienced so many people playing 2s as there was tonight.
  12. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    Thank you for everything! Honestly, I cannot wait to see how this server develops.
  13. Duel Zone Suggestion

    So, I am thinking there could be some slight improvements on the duel zone. I am seeing we have the Arena NPC's here but we don't have the Arena Ladder checker near by. I'd love to see some more of the npc's moving around, this will want players to use of the zone more and more instead of lumping to one side of the lake. Id also look into using the most out of the zone, put down some teleporters around the lake, maybe even consider putting down some BG Buffs and making some parts world PvP enabled.
  14. Age: 24, 12/01/1994 Time-zone/ Location: GMT +, Manchester, UK Main Character Name: Takenbacon Discord: Luke - 卢克#3711 Questionnaire Why do you want to become a part of the team? Answer: I'd like to be apart of the Cruel - WoW team to help it develop and watch it grow. I want to ensure players have a fun experience whilst playing on Cruel WoW and keep the fun actives going throughout the day. What have you done to contribute to the server? Answer: I have currently helped find missing Items and Enchants and currently going through classes to find bugs to report so other players have a more fun experience time whilst playing. If your friends could describe you in one word, what would it be? Answer: Selfless Are you experienced with the position you’re applying for? Answer: Yes, I was a GM on <snip> for nearly three years before the server died. How many hours a week are you available? Answer: Weekdays 6pm GMT - 10pm GMT Weekends Saturday 12PM - 8 PM GMT / Sunday 12PM - 8PM GMT What Server Times fit best for your activity? Answer: When ever I am free I'd be present and online. If you were the server’s owner for 1 day, what would you change? Answer: If I was the owners for a day, that's a tricky question.. I'd look at small improvements what the player base is looking for or asking for, as the impact on how the server affects our player base is probably the most important thing to look at. Who is the owner of Cruel WoW? Answer: Robert Ticket Responses "Hello, thank you for reviewing my ticket, I understand you’re busy so I’ll try to keep this short! I've been here for almost an hour now trying to troubleshoot my way past this quest but there is just simply nothing that I can do about this! Can you please help me complete my quest? Thank you! :)” RESPONSE: Hello! Thank you for submitting your ticket %t. I understand your frustration with your questline at this moment in time could you please tell me the quest you're on at the moment and what is the issue? (Once finding out the quest name and where about the player is up too, i'd be looking to one, submit a bug report for the player, two speak to management to see if there is anything at all I can do for this player right at this moment in time.) "hjllo am missed donating ponts. am sure not yu kan halp me but I donate day agos via paypal. Can help? RESPONSE: Hello %t, thank you for supporting Cruel - WoW! I understand you are quite frustrated with not getting your Donation Points instantly, the Development Team have to do this manually, to speed up this process could you please head over to https://www.cruel-wow.net/forum/index.php?/forum/15-player-support and write a post addressing you're missing your donation points. Within this post please include your paypal transaction id so the Development team can take care of issue at hand. "GOLD HACKER! Player named “Asjiesjpqs” just traded me 10,000 gold! No interaction, was just traded. I didn’t accept the trade, you can check!" RESPONSE: Hello! Thank you for reporting this mater. I will take a look into your report and talk too “Asjiesjpqs”. If you can, please head over to the forum to write up a brief report with screenshots if present of the accused in hand so we can keep track and update you on the situation. %t Is there anything else I could assist you with today? Scenarios Scenario 1 A player is triggering our Anti-Cheat system. [AC] [Thehackmasta] Possible Cheater! After you .appear Thehackmasta you notice that his character is blatantly using cheats. Speed cheat Teleport cheat Fly cheat Haste/Instant cast cheat. What do you do? Answer: I'd first use my built in window capture to record the hacker to back up my report. I'd then .summon & .freeze the hacker, to ensure I can stop this person from moving or attempting to get away from myself. I'd then .account to check the persons account and printscreen this for more information to back up my report. I'd make a Forum Post stating the report and supporting evidence for when I ban this persons account as it is against our Rules & Regulations Scenario #2 Players in world chat are misbehaving in a very volatile, vile manner. There are a few instigators: Player: Toxin Player: Atroll Player: Chaosic They are being disrespectful, and breaking the rules of world chat. What do you do? Answer: First of all I'd make myself present in .chat and asking the three to calm it down, and to give them their first warning, I'd also link our forum rules & guidelines for the players and telling them to ensure they read the in game rules. Scenario #3 Atroll, and Chaosic have stopped. But after what you did for Scenario #2, Toxin continues his behaviour. Taking no heed to your authority, he continues to wreak havoc in world chat. Swearing, discriminating, etc. What do you do? Answer: If I saw Toxin still continue to cause trouble I'd be .appearing at Toxin to talk to him personally. I'd state the rules we have and address him to go and read up on them whilst giving him an hour mute, to ensure he can learn his lesson. I'd ensure I am print screening the trouble he has been causing and reporting this on the forum to state the reason behind it and to allow my peers to check over the report, but to warn other members of staff of this player. Scenario #3 You notice that your fellow GM Shimslady has been secretly adding items to his player account without permission. What do you do? Answer: If I noticed this GM doing so, I'd be recording / print screening the relevant information and then pass them onto my peers. No Game Master should be abusing their powers to try and gain an advantage over the player base period. Thank you for taking your time to read through my In-Game Game Master Application, if you would like to talk to me personally I am available on discord and I have a mic. Many thanks, Zupex
  15. Missing Items in PVE vendor

    Ill post below what items are missing I've come across so far. Icecrown Spire Sandals - 51899 Leggings of Woven Death - 49891 Mag'hari Chieftain's Staff - 51898 Belt of Petrified Ivy - 50994 Lost Pavise of the Blue Flight - 51812 Will keep posting updates on this thread as I find more items.