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  1. Warglaive

    Can u make warglaive tradable again because after the change its soulbound.
  2. Unstuck

    Grizzly Hills : 70,40
  3. Unstuck

    Its not working while your dead. I found myself in that situation and i couldnt find a spirit healer cuz not all graveyards have one.
  4. Unstuck

    Can you add unstuck feature on site that will revive us and teleport where our hearthstone is?
  5. Reputation

    I want like more of them but especially the mount and title ones.
  6. Reputation

    Can you incease the reputation rates?
  7. Feedback Needed: PvE

    I personaly dont really like this idea, the current content in my opinion its fine(with some little changes that will be fixed soon), the current state of server is like this becase there arent many ppl to do stuff or do the content that devs offered to us.
  8. Unique patch

    Can you make a patch for us to add that lets players take any race for any class?