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  1. New Currency & Gear & gameplay system

    What you say here besides resilience part, was actually in game right before they gave us all items for free.
  2. Banned for no rearson

    My account got banned for no reason. When i logged on forum my status is Banned: Failed to loging autoban. I typed my password 2 times wrong and this is what i get?
  3. Elixir

    Make noggenfogger elixir last forever or until we cancel it and not just 10min. Aswell as you changes poisons and other stuff.
  4. Warglaive

    Can u make warglaive tradable again because after the change its soulbound.
  5. Remove Worldchat or Not

    Dont remove it, it wont do too much, ppl will fight each other even with chat removed so leave it there is a good thing for crossfaction.
  6. World bosses zone

    Make the world boss zone anti pvp because ppl started to gank ppl when they do them. So they cant do any world boss.
  7. Morph Master

    Also can you make it so it wont break for example when u logout or druid shapeshift.
  8. World bosses

    As we got more ppl on server world bosses became quite easy to make so my idea is to make them harder, atleast tinker and hogger so that they will be require 10+ ppl and not 5 or less.
  9. Morph Master

    Can you add all standard races at Morph Master, we can use only 4 of then at the moment.
  10. Some additions to the mall

    I dont think you should remove the speed but a pool will resolve this.
  11. Unstuck

    Grizzly Hills : 70,40
  12. Unstuck

    Its not working while your dead. I found myself in that situation and i couldnt find a spirit healer cuz not all graveyards have one.
  13. Unstuck

    Can you add unstuck feature on site that will revive us and teleport where our hearthstone is?
  14. Reputation

    I want like more of them but especially the mount and title ones.
  15. Reputation

    Can you incease the reputation rates?