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New Website Design + New Game Content Information

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Hello Heroes! it has been quite some time since we made a update, Reason for that being is because we have
been working on so many new things that we are to add to Campfire.

First things first!
The website has recieved a new update and with this new update we have both implemented new features but also
removed certain functionalities

The website layout stays somewhat the same, But it's graphical aspect is now very much more "up to date"
Webstore was removed as we are implementing a in-game store system instead, which is in the long term alot more 
reasonable and overall just better.

We have implemented a Registration Page which will serve account registrations across all of Cruel-WoW's Game Services, This however does not function for the Community Forums, You will still have to register on the Community Forums separately




Here is yet but the biggest update we have possibly ever done.

First of all we wanted to bring back the nostalgic feel from Campfire which it used to have. By that we have decided to redesign the mall concepts for both factions but no longer under a neutral mall scene, Now we will carry the malls to 2 different locations, one for The Horde and one for The Alliance. The locations will not be spoiled just yet. We are still building much of the game content and are wanting to finish it off before spoiling such information. However We will tease what is to come with these update/s, All quests across the game will now play a much bigger role and there are now a reason to do them, Not only are they
now compatible with level 80, they also reward something called Essence of Triumph, This essence of triumph will be a collectable currency which can be turned in to Badge of Triumph which again will be the purchase currency for gear progression.

The mall and the environment around you will feel more alive, Custom creatures are no longer gonna look like a 255 funserver  mlg mall build, now every creature spawn has a meaning and a blizzlike feel. No we are not a blizzlike server, true that! but we do love the blizzlike style. We will continue to provide instant 80 PvP / PvE functionalities in terms of startlevel and startgear etc. But we will also expand the game further to make it more than just an instant 80 pvp pve server, we want people to enjoy future-rich content and by that is what we consider this concept

you may ask yourself, alright well perhaps quests are compatible with level 80 but what about those starter quests in starter areas of each class/race?
- these quests will also be up to date with your level, including the creatures and environment around you. Our scaling affects everything in the game. What used to be content for level 1 to 80 is now only for level 80 (So yeah! you do have alot of things to do in terms of gameplay :))

There will also be several new dailies and normal story quests to introduce a bit of custom lore to the game and realm.

The Horde and The Alliance is in war against eachother and you will meet both Environment enemy faction but also player enemy faction on the warfront. Quests will be a mix of both PvE quests and PvP, They will reward a currency corresponding to it's gamestyle.

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