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Welcome back returning Cruel-WoW Players

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So for those who donated back when Cruel-WoW was under the control of XXSupr and ACE.


even tho i hold no responsability to supply refunds, in-game rewards or alike

i'd still like to provide you guys with free MVP

This is the replica of the donator rank.


More information about this rank can be seen here


How do i recieve this rank?
- I can't ask for much of proof in all honesty as within time it has all evaporated.

But if you can either supply me with a transaction screenshot showing your donation going towards either ACE'S PayPal Email OR XXSupr's PayPal Email OR a screenshoot from when you played on Cruel-WoW Where it states that you were a donator. we'd more than willingly go with that and proceed from there


Now existing members (new members) are sadly not eligable for this as this is a promotion for old members.

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