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Hotfixes November 29th / Update V40

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  • Deserter Debuff has been re-enabled.
  • Battlegrounds now require each team to have at least 3 members queued before a Battleground queue pops up.
  • Players can now que Battlegrounds with group regardless of faction.
  • Resilience Crit calculation was reworked a little and critical strikes should now deal a little bit less damage.




  • Fire & Earth Elemental Totems are now fixed and spawns elementals as intended.


  • DoT(Damage over time) spells' overall ticking damage has been corrected. (Work in progress)
  • Added 700ms Delay to [Conflagrate] which procs after the use of [Immolate].
  • Warlock Pet's cooldowns are now reset upon re-summon.

Death Knight

  • Death Knight's Ghoul should now have appropriate HP and Stats, increases Damage and Decreases HP to their blizzlike values.



Profession Goods Trader

  • Added [Dragon's Eye] to the vendor under "Jewelcrafting" category.


In-Game Features

  • Cruel-Store NPC is now functional again.


Website Features

  • Added a new security check on the website to assure account safety.


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