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Increase WoTLK 2GB Memory Limit to 4GB

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So i'm sure alot of you are aware that the only available WoW.exe for 3.3.5a is a 32 bits client.


And thus the program only limits the Memory Limit to 2GB there is a way around to get a whopping 4GB Memory Limit instead.


Download this program

> Click To Download <


How to use the program:
Download and extract the program to the desired location

Open the Exe named "Large Adress Aware.exe"


1. Click the 3 dots (...)



2. Go to your World of Warcraft Root Folder and select WoW.exe then click Open (It says Åpne on my screen)



3. Check the Checkbox and click Save, Now feel free to exit the program and enjoy your World of Warcraft Client with 4GB Memory Limit instead of 2GB
(this is known to decrease or eliminate crashes with the game)


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Beautifully executed.


Well done! =)

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