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Ingame Ticket System

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Greetings! I am Game Master Nebula. 

I'm sure most of you are familiar with me, especially after speaking to me through a ticket you may have submitted. 



Today I'd like to specify and clear up a couple of things when it comes to the ticket system.



As staff we are very eager to receive tickets from our community when they are in need of our assistance and attention,

But sometimes it doesn't go as we expect it! the ticket system is often abused & not used for it's intended purpose.


The main focus of this topic is to make sure our players have a clear understanding of what the ticket system is set in place for.







In World of Warcraft, a ticket usually refers to an active Help Request to an online Game Master for In-game support about an issue and or problem in-game.


As stated above, the ticket system is to be used for In-game support regarding an issue or a problem you are experiencing In-game.


Most of the tickets we come across lack information and we are unable to identify the issue, therefore it's harder for us to respond to the ticket & unfortunately forces us to close the ticket in question, but we definitely don't want to do that! as staff we want to make sure everyone is being assisted correctly, but as previously stated.. sometimes that's made a little difficult for us when we aren't receiving tickets with enough information.



When submitting a ticket it is CRUCIAL that you provide us with as much information as possible relating to the issue/problem you are opening the ticket about, tickets are read one by one & some may have higher priority than others. 

To avoid having your ticket closed for lack of information, please make sure you are explaining your situation as best as you can so that we are better prepared as staff when it comes to servicing your ticket & contacting you with a response! =) this will also greatly benefit us if you are off-line at the time of ticket response, we are able to send you an instant ticket completion containing a response to your concern and or issue so that you may read it once you log back in.





! Bug Reporing via Ticket System !


The ticket system is NOT to be used for bug reporting! we have a separate system for that, you can find the link below.



Once we receive bug reports through the ticket system, we immediately provide you with the Bugtracker link. 

The Bugtracker on our website helps our developers identify the bug & puts it in queue for future attention.

( as we have many bugs to fix )



Please DO NOT use the ticket system to report any bugs.







In conclusion, we kindly ask to please use the Ticket System wisely and correctly so that we may assist you properly and without hesitation when the time comes. from this point on we are forced to close any tickets that are not abiding by our expectations & we hope you understand our decision. the ticket system is a very serious and sensitive subject & we are expecting everyone to use it respectfully.




Sincerely, Nebula.

Cruel-WoW Staff

Game Master















Edited by Nebula

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