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Hotfixes Decemter 20th / Update V45

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  • Added 3 second internal cooldown to [Brain Freeze]
  • [Mirror Images] no longer causes close fellow/foe players to enter a combat state upon cast


  • Succubus no longer gets charmed if Warrior Reflects charm


  • [Lock and Load] now procs as intended
  • [Silencing Shot] now applies instantly on target after cast.
  • Fixed range issue with [Desecration], [Concussive Barrage], [Explosive Trap], [Snake Trap], [Safeguard] causing them not to work.

Death Knight

  • Death Knights can now [Death Grip] while jumping and or falling
  • [Cinderglacier] now shows stacks as intended
  • [Summon Gargoyle] Reworked.
  • Fixed an issue causing some spells to go through [Anti-Magic Shell]
  • Using [Raise Dead] restores Ghouls energy to 100, resets it's cooldowns and resets it's displayid. If the Ghoul is Dead or not active already.
  • Ghouls spell [Leap] can no longer be used if the pet is rooted.
  • Fixed issue with [Corpse Explosion] not being castable after pet used [Gnaw]


  • [Vanish] is now fixed and will remove the rogue from combat when fighting an enemy player
  • Non damage spells should now remove [Stealth]



  • Fixed an issue where trinkets would proc even tho the user were not equipped with the trinket (Ex. having it in your bag)




  • Added "Prismatic" category and moved [Nightmare Tear] gem from "Purple" to "Prismatic".

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