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New Duel Zone now available!

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Hello everyone! The long awaited New Duel Zone is NOW available!


What does this New Duel Zone bring?
- It brings a completely redone game design, Both regarding the Duel Scenarios aswell as within the Environmental Design

First of all, When entering the area you'll see a Game Design which should feel very alive, Creatures are doing things and walking around

Vendors which previously was in the earlier Duel Zone (Quel'Thalas) Have been Re Modeled and have been given a Model which correlates to a more belongable model

which should overall fit the zone you are in.


We've also taken other things into effect to further improve the Area's overall feeling.


We hope this Duel Zone is of enjoyment and wish you all best of luck to becoming the best duelists!


Thank you!

Kind Regards

Cruel-WoW Staff


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