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Campfire V2 - a new chapter Part 2

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I felt that some time had passed since we spoke about Campfire V2.


This is a simple update thread to let you know what has been done as well as what is remaining


Currently what has been done

- General mall setup

- Mall functionalities

- Mall Navigation System

- Simplicity checks

- Most vendors

- Quality assurance checks to optimize game play

- Gear Progression System + Pricing

- Essentials players will need or want

- Load-Time efficient additions as well as FPS Assurances

- Unique and Self Explanatory Design with both creatures & objects

- Ported over handy things from V1 to V2 and improved them

- Additional Progression system for Cosmetic Items and how they are obtained



- Some spell fixes we see necessary to have upon release

- Phased Duels (players can see duelors but duelors cannot see players)

- Easy to use World-Chat system

- Move Pet To function (in its full it is not entirely blizzlike in 3.3.5a but should've been added regardless)

- Character Template NPC (Easy Gear, Talents, Glyphs and Enchants with one click)

- Battlegrounds Modes (example: 200% haste for everyone and or Ultra Rapid Fire Mode - No Cooldowns, These modes do not reward anything. They are just for fun!)

And More...


Like you can see we have already done a lot of the things we see necessary to be added. However, we also do have a few things remaining, But the list is definitely shrinking, and we are closer to giving out a release date by every day that passes.


A lot of good suggestions have been given by both the community, Q/A and fellow staff members. Some have been added and or improved and some have not been added


For those who see their idea or suggestion NOT added when V2 goes live.

It is not that we do not want to do it. However, we don't see  it reasonable to add. Perhaps within the future we can do something like this and or that.

But for now we need to remain a strict vision regarding how we want the realm's skeleton to look like.


We have to assure that any feature or any additional content reflects decently back on what the realm is regarding and that is solely Player Versus Player Game Play.

Again we have not scrapped any of the suggestions nor ideas, It just isn't reasonable to have it added now and or within the beginning of Campfire V2.


Thank you for reading this little update thread and I hope you all are excited for Campfire V2.

More information will be released accordingly. Stay tuned!



Cruel-WoW Staff

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QA mentioned in a post. Twice. 10/10 post.

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