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Cruel-WoW | DevBlog 2 | Gameplay Footage / Information

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Greetings! here is a followup video on our Dungeon Concept!


This is a showcase video of how The Slave Pens looks at this very moment. It has been boosted/buffed even more due to the fact that we noticed that it was simply a tad to easy. All of the dungeon modifications are subject to change meaning they can and most likely will be tweaked, changed, modified, increased or decreased at any time. it's an experimental concept that we at cruel-wow are trying to accomplish. This is a difficult task which is extremely time consuming and will not be perfect after a few changes here and there! I want to thank everyone that is reading, playing, participating and so on. I also wish to thank the entire staff. Many for their moral support and others for their great work and dedication, You all make Cruel-WoW great <3!


So what has been done in this Devblog?

We have scaled quite a large amount of dungeons (will include a list below) had test runs both with auto balanced difficulty and full group difficulty. We have all found the time spent to be extremely enjoyable and enjoy every nostalgic moment that passes by :]


What is coming?

The rest of the dungeons will be scaled, we are going to be working this week to complete the rest of the dungeons that remain, and get a team out to start testing them out. I'd also love to publish a few more devblog videos in order to showoff the great content that is in the works!

We have also thought about adding the dungeons to the dungeon finder, meaning you'll be able to queue for dungeons and it can be any dungeon from Vanilla to TBC to WoTLK! This opens a huge possibility for all PvE'ers but also PvP'ers! Should we add this to the dungeon finder, we found it severe to add Badge of Honor Drops upon Dungeon Completion (5x per dungeon through dungeon finder) - Considering our main currency on the realm is Badge of Honor, we will also be adding 1x drop from each boss which again will equal to [BOSSAMOUNT + 5x from dungeon finder queue]

This will make the entire gearing process more simplified and easier for everyone!

The new Daily Quest zone is also coming very soon. The design is completed but we are yet working on the Quest-Chain that is to take place there. Hope to have some footage to show off soon!


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